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Instructions to get signatures on the City Center referendums Where to get the referendums —

  1. Get petitions from one of the SROG members or call 925-828-8563.
  2. Or download both PDF files from if you don’t already have the referendums. (Note: 400 and 401 are both needed to cover the entire project).
  3. Print out both files completely.
  4. Make sure the sign up petitions are on top of each referendum packet and stapled in the upper left hand corner of each separate packet (make sure 400 and 401 are separately stapled).
  5. Gather signatures on each referendum.

Where to go to get signatures —

  1. Walk your local neighborhoods in the evenings and weekends in ones or twos. (leapfrog)
  2. Stand in busy public places that draw people. (Starbucks, hardware stores, etc.)
  3. Go to association meetings.
  4. Ask your friends to help.
  5. Give your friends the two referendums (400 and 401) to have their friends sign both of them.

What to do to get signatures —

  1. When you approach people introduce yourself and indicate that you are collecting signatures from ‘San Ramon registered voters’ for a referendum to put the City Center Project on the ballet.
  2. This referendum will allow the people of San Ramon to exercise their right to vote either “for” or “against” the City Center project.
  3. Ask if they are a registered San Ramon voter.
  4. If they are not registered to vote; ask if they would like to register and give them a registration form if you have one.
  5. Give them the referendum to sign and tell them there are actually two referendums to sign (for north and south project locations).
  6. Give them the flyer that we prepared that is an overview of the project. (The flyer is our opinion.)
  7. Remember that you are asking for their signature on the referendums to put the project on the ballet, not for them to vote for or against the project now. That will come later.
  8. Thank them for caring about their city.
  9. Go to the next person or house.

What to do to complete the referendums —

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom labeled “Declaration of Circulator” with your full name, your residential address, city, the date you start and the date you finished. Date executed. (on the date you finished this petition) Sign with your full signature.
  2. Safeguard both sets of referendums until you are ready to turn them in or be picked up. Contact us.
  3. Give us a call at (925-828-8563) or email us for pickup or delivery instructions.
  4. Exercise your right to vote on the City Center Project.

Contact Information Jim Gibbon 925-828-8563

Referendum Packet 1

Referendum Packet 2

San Ramon City Center Project Flyer